• What is Fractional Laser Therapy Apparatus?

    What is Fractional Laser Therapy Apparatus?

    There are many kinds of fractional lasers. The common ones are carbon dioxide fractional privacy, C6 Q-switched laser, C8 Q-switched laser, C10 Q-switched laser, and the latest picosecond laser. These fractional laser therapeutic instruments are mainly For the problem of human pigmentation, the p...
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  • Download Alma Thomas’ R&B/SOUL Single ‘Crazy (feat. Sunomono)’ – Out Now!

    Shandong Moonlight Electronics Co., Ltd, a Chinese company that specializes in the research and production of beauty equipment such as diode laser hair removal, has announced the release of their latest single “Crazy (feat. Sunomono)” by Alma Thomas on May 14th 2021. The track is an R&B/Soul...
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  • Laser Diodes by Wavelength

    Laser Diodes by Wavelength

    Now let’s find out why our hair removal machine is higher quality and better. The diameter of our chassis has been increased to 70cm, and it is made of metal, which is more stable and durable.   The screen uses a 15.6-inch Android screen with 16 languages in total, and you can add any ...
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  • What should I pay attention to when laser hair removal?

    What should I pay attention to when laser hair removal?

    After laser hair removal, you should keep in mind the following points: 1. The part of the hair removal should be applied to some anti -inflammatory ointment by the doctor to avoid the occurrence of folliculitis. If necessary, the hormone ointment can also be used to inhibit inflammation. In add...
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  • 4 weight loss skills can not only drop the scale and raise the stomach well

    What to eat? how to eat? I can reduce the fertilizer and raise my stomach again. I found that a lot of people have a bad stomach. I said that I can drink a cup of black coffee and apple cider vinegar in the morning of the fat reduction period. Let’s eat some coarse grains. He said no, and h...
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  • How to care after diode laser hair removal machine

    1. Do a good job of soothing skin work Because female friends pay special attention to their own image, when the hair is particularly strong, the Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine. No matter what method is DIODE LASER HAIR Removal Machine, it will cause damage to the skin. Therefore, we must first...
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  • What are the benefits of these three hair on women?

    1. Thick eyebrows In our lives, we can find that the elderly who are long -lived in the body are generally dense, and even the length of the eyebrows will be longer. The thick eyebrows indicate that the health is healthy, which is also a manifestation of sufficient qi and blood. With sufficient ...
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  • What season is more suitable for laser hair removal?

    Autumn and winter season Laser hair removal therapy itself is not limited by season and can be done at any time. But most of them are looking forward to showing smooth skin when wearing short sleeves and skirts in summer, and hair removal must be done several times, and it can be completed for s...
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  • Why do some women have a strong body hair, but some have few body hairs?

    1. Genetic factors are related The clinical medicine analyzes through multiple data analysis on the body hair attached to the surface of the skin: the probability of 85.6%is closely related to the genetic genetic formation. If one of the parents in both sides of the parents present in a dense st...
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  • What are the precautions before and after DIODE LASER HAIR Removal? How to care after DIODE LASER HAIR Removal?

    DIODE LASER HAIR Removal Machine is not very painful. In the process of doing DIODE LASER HAIR Removal Machine, there will be a slight burning sensation. This burning sensation is tolerated. Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine does not need a long time, and there will be no pain. The way of freezing...
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  • Will the body hair really be shaved and more? Both men and women, maybe you should understand

    In this era of everyone’s beauty, whether it is male or female, they pay great attention to their appearance. In such an environment, people always magnify their imperfections. We are always struggling with hair that is not soft enough, skin is not fair enough, body is not slim, and the hai...
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  • Detailed explanation of laser diode laser hair removal

    How much do you know about the common sense of laser diode laser hair removal? Laser diode laser hair removal machine is after the hair is irradiated with laser, the hair and the hair follicle melanin accumulation part absorbs a large amount of laser energy and causes instantaneous high temperatu...
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