2023 Soprano Titanium laser hair removal machine

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Soprano Titanium is the first solution with unique triple-wavelength technology, which combines the three most effective laser wavelengths emitted simultaneously – 755nm, 810nm, 1064nm, targeting different tissue depths and anatomy within the hair follicle.
All Soprano Titanium laser therapy units are equipped with this advanced technology that continuously cools the skin. The sapphire tip minimizes epidermal risk while maintaining heat within the dermis treating the follicles for a virtually painless and comfortable experience.

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The chassis is more stable

 The diameter of our chassis has been increased to 72cm, and it is made of metal, which is more stable and durable.

The exclusive 600w Japanese compressor

The exclusive 600w Japanese compressor can drop 3-4℃ in 1 minute, which greatly improves the therapeutic effect of our machine. It is equipped with an 11cm thickened heat dissipation system, which is twice that of ordinary ones, and truly guarantees the refrigeration effect of the compressor.


Handle with color touch screen

Handle with color touch screen for adjustment of treatment parameters.

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4K 15.6 inch Android screen

4K 15.6-inch Android screen, you can click to modify the treatment parameters
Advantages of Android system:
1. The system is more intelligent. The Android screen can be equipped with remote control, remote rental, and customer management systems
2. The operation interface is smoother and there will be no stuck state.
3. For subsequent upgrades, just install the APP software directly.
4. It can directly play training videos and operation teaching videos.
5. The running memory and storage memory are much larger
6. Ordinary industrial touch screens are serial screens, which require the circuit board to send commands to switch pictures all the time. The effect that can be achieved without an operating system is very simple. Moreover, the circuit board program has to be flashed to change it, and the customer cannot operate it by himself. Just send an installation package on the Android screen and install it.
7. Android screen customers can easily adjust the screen brightness, the machine's button sound, light emission sound, etc., and can also freely choose their favorite sound effects. However, ordinary industrial touch screens must be programmed to realize, which is relatively troublesome.


Three-band 755nm 808nm 1064nm,

Three-band 755nm 808nm 1064nm, six levels of cooling, can meet the treatment needs of all skin tones


Three sizes of spot are optional

The handle is black and white, and the spot size is optional: 15*18mm, 15*26mm, 15*36mm, and a 6mm small handle treatment head can be added


The USA laser

USA laser, sapphire freezing point painless hair removal


The rental system and remote control

The rental system and remote control can provide you with safe customer service, and you will never worry about the password being cracked, 
because you can control the hair removal machine through your mobile phone in real time. 

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