Are these four hair strong hair, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Human body hair can play a role in heat preservation, and can also help the body sweat. In winter, it can help the body keep warm. The temperature in summer is relatively high, and it can be dissipated through sweat.

The body hair of different parts also has different effects, such as eyelashes can protect the eyes, block the wind and sand, dust, and hair can protect the head scalp. Nose hair can help block dust, but for female friends, if the body hair is too strong, it may affect it. Yan value, so for some women, the body hair is very troublesome.



Many female friends like to wear some sexy skirts in the summer. It is embarrassing if there is armpit hair, so many female friends like to use hair removal cream in summer, remove the armpit hair or directly use the scraper to scrape off the armpit hair.

For female friends, the axillary hair is strong that the male hormone secretion in the body is excessive. If the armpit hair is scraped off at will, it may damage the skin and cause bacteria and viruses to invade. Scrape off the armpit.

2. Hair

More than 90%of female friends hope that their hair is dark and beautiful, and male friends also like women’s long and straight. If a female friend has a strong hair, it makes the whole person look younger and more energetic. Various shapes.

If women’s hair is dense, it is related to sufficient qi and blood in the body. People with sufficient qi and blood, the hair is not only beautiful but also strong, such female friends are better.

If female friends are 45 years old, their hair is still dark, indicating that sufficient qi and blood, such female friends are generally longevity.


3, eyelashes

The eyelashes are also a kind of hair. Everyone hopes that their eyelashes are long and dense. This can increase the value and make the eyes look bigger and brighter. When female friends make up Longer, you even go to the fake eyelashes.

If the eyelashes of female friends are relatively dense, they can improve the overall temperament. A woman’s eyelashes are relatively long and dense, indicating that the blood circulation in the body is relatively smooth, and the physical fitness is better.


4, eyebrows

In fact, women’s friends have the habit of thrush since ancient times. Thrales can make female friends look more charming, also make women’s faces look more marked, and can also set off female watery eyes.

If the eyebrows are relatively thick, some female friends will also deliberately repair their eyebrows, but if the eyebrows are dense, it means that women have sufficient qi and blood and have a good hormone level.

Post time: Jan-12-2023