Clearly recognize the boundaries of “medical beauty” and “life beauty”

The fundamental difference between medical beauty and life beauty is that it is traumatic or invasive. It belongs to the application of medical technology into cosmetic. Most of the life beauty is to improve the skin state ,anti aging.

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In addition, there is a difference between medical beauty and general medical behaviors. Generally, medical behavior is to have a strong public welfare, pathological, and necessity for patients who have diseases and need medical intervention. The use of antihistamine drugs, etc.; The object of medical beauty is a healthy person who needs to “beautify” the needs of their appearance and the form of the human body, and has strong non -pathological, selectivity and profitability. Medical cosmetic can be roughly divided into skin beauty, cosmetic plastic surgery, and beauty cosmetic categories. Skin beauty categories include photon skin rejuvenation, hot Maggie, skin irrigation, freckle removal, whitening, etc.; Cosmetic plastic surgery includes nasal pads or chin, bone cutting skin, orthodontics, etc.; Beautiful body beauty includes breast augmentation, liposuction, DIODE LASER hair hair Removal Machine, wrinkle removal and skin.

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Medical cosmetic institutions need to obtain the “Medical Institutional Practice License” by the health administrative department, the scope of medical beauty diagnosis and treatment services, the standards of medical institution, the qualifications of practicing and a certain working period of work for registered nurses Professional institutions are very different from life beauty institutions.

Post time: Dec-01-2022