Does Diode Laser Hair Removal affect the pores?

The body’s hair is collectively referred to as body hair. It is composed of corner protein scales layer stacks, and some creatures will replace the body hair due to seasonal seasons. Including hair, eyebrow hair, nose hair armpit hair, etc., it has its own unique effect on the body.

The creatures have different body hair. Even if the same organisms, the body hair color and growth rate are different. The body hair of some creatures has different functions such as keeping warm, detection, unpreposed tactile, and camouflage.

But now many people are out of beauty, and they will pull out excess hair. But if you scrape your film for a long time, you may also bring adverse effects to the body.

Does Diode Laser Hair Removal affect the body? Tell you the answer today

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Many people, especially female friends in life, often shave their body hair on the requirements of the aesthetics. In fact, we can see that no matter which part of the body hair has a protective effect on the human body, it can help maintain body temperature. Therefore The protection effect disappears, which will affect the skin to a certain extent.

However, this impact is not particularly great, because the body hair has a strong protective effect, but the protection of body hair is not prominent now, nor is it particularly obvious.

Body hair has the effects of heat dissipation and maintaining temperature, but it is not prominent, because the main role of heat dissipation and maintenance of body temperature is pores, pores are not blocked, without body hair, and the skin can still perform normal heat dissipation and secretion.

Some people are inherently light or sparse, and there are no obvious side effects. In addition, some people have underarm odor. In fact, armpit hair can be scraped off.

Some people will pull out the body’s hair directly, which will stimulate the pores and prone to hair follicles infection. It will also cause negative effects on the skin. Pay attention to the method that suits you. Of course, it is not recommended that everyone frequently stimulate the pores.

Some body hair cannot be hung, such as eyelashes, eyebrows, nose hair, etc. are not recommended to pull off, and it is not recommended to scrape it off. It is best to trim it appropriately. This can avoid damage to the pores and make your image better and better.

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Is the sweat “more shaved and thicker” is true?

Diode Laser Hair Removal will not make the body hair thicker and thicker, which is just our illusion. The thickness of the body hair is mainly determined by three aspects: the first is the volume of body hair, the second is hormone, and the third is nutrition.

Among them, the volume is controlled by genes, and hormones and nutrition are determined by human physical condition, so the body hair will not become thicker and thicker.

However, we can’t scrape it frequently. If we scrape frequently, it may cause folliculitis and cause pigmentation. At the same time, the laser hair removal method can be used.

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What is Diode Laser hair removal?

DIODE LASER HAIR Removal is based on the principles of selective optical thermodynamics. By reasonable adjustment of the long energy pulse of the laser wave length, the laser can pass through the skin surface of the skin to reach the root hair follicles of the hair. As a result, the hair is lost and does not damage the surrounding tissue and slight pain. Diode Laser Hair Removal is the safest and fastest -time hair removal technology. Diode Laser Hair Removal’s common methods include semiconductor Diode Laser Hair Removal.

Post time: Nov-18-2022