Is Soprano Ice Platinum really good for the body for a long time?

The emergence of various Soprano Ice Platinum methods, although it facilitates female friends and relieves the embarrassing situation of thick hair. Soprano Ice Platinum can also keep women with white and flawless skin. ICE Platinum products will also have a certain impact on the skin and body. I hope you can pay attention.

incorrect Soprano Titanium (1)

(1) Causes dry skin

The growth of hair has its own laws. Long -term Soprano Ice Platinum will cause hair follicles to be stimulated. With many chemical products, the growth of the hair follicles will cause dry skin and peel and induce inflammation.

incorrect Soprano Titanium (2)

2) Pore blocking

Although Soprano Ice Platinum can keep the skin clean and tidy, if there are wrong Soprano Ice Platinum products, pores will increase, and the risk of folliculitis will be incorrect. Ability causes the whole body hair to fall off.

Soprano Ice Platinum

(3) Scald skin

Common Soprano Ice Platinum products are relatively temporary, so many female friends will directly choose laser Soprano Ice Platinum method or laser Soprano Ice Platinum cream, which can effectively prolong the growth cycle of hair and reduce the growth rate of hair, but if long -term Improper operation with laser Soprano Ice Platinum can also cause skin burns, inducing erythema and itching of the skin, causing skin diseases.

Post time: Jan-10-2023