What is Diode Laser hair removal? It is recommended to understand its basic principles first

1. Laser hair removal technology

Use the high temperature of laser to destroy the hair follicles and make the hair fall off. The specific step is to cut it with a shaved hair to make it better positioning the root of the hair, and then extends along the hair to the hair follicles. At this time, the thermal energy of the laser will play a role in destroying hair, and it can complete hair removal several times.

2 will it hurt because this is a devastating medical plan?

Although it feels pain, it is not very severe. Because the laser will produce thermal energy, there will be a burning feeling when used. This pain is like a small needle, or the elasticity of a rubber belt on the body.

3. How long does it take to remove hair with laser hair removal?

Unlike the surgical Diode Laser Hair Removal, the Diode Laser Hair Removal is gradually carried out. The hair has a special growth cycle from dormant to hair removal to birth. Most people underwent multiple laser hair removal surgery for 2-3 months.

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4. does this exist forever?

If you can’t regenerate, then hair removal is permanent. However, there are also some hair follicles that can only be damaged, and no necrosis will occur. At this time, the hair will grow again and need to be treated twice.

DIODE LASER HAIR Removal Technology is approved by the FDA (FDA) in 1997. It has 22 years of clinical experience and has been widely used by the general public. This shows that in terms of technical level, laser hair removal is relatively stable and there is no personal injury.

Fifth, there are still some small adverse reactions, such as:

⑴After the laser irradiation, the part will appear red;

⑵It can make the skin bubble, or the atmosphere;

⑶After being hit by lightning, there will be dark spots on the skin.

⑷Before the hair removal should be paid attention to the above problems, and communicate with the doctor for your skin condition to minimize the adverse reactions as much as possible.

6. From winter to summer, it is exactly the hair removal cycle of laser.

Laser hair removal is not disposable. To achieve thorough hair removal, it depends on the quantity and choose the appropriate quantity for hair removal. The hair is divided into three stages: growth period, retirement period, and static period. The energy of laser equipment will only cause harm to the growth period. It has no impact on the 6 of the retreat and the static period. Use it later.

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7. Diode Laser hair removal duration

Depending on the number of hair removal, it can be done 3-6 times once a month. Therefore, in the six months of winter to summer, Diode Laser Hair Removal takes more than six months. So the hair removal began in winter, and the skin after hair removal was just smooth in summer!

8. Winter Diode Laser Hair Removal can reduce sunlight irradiation

As we all know, try to avoid strong ultraviolet rays after hair loss. In the summer, you need to get rid of hair. If you want to do it in summer, you can’t do it. You can’t wear short sleeves and shorts. But in winter, hair removal can prevent high temperature and strong UV irradiation in summer, and can better protect your skin. Use laser hair removal in winter to better absorb light energy and make it more effective.

In winter, the skin is difficult to be affected by ultraviolet rays, and the color of the skin is very different from the color of the hair. Therefore, during laser, all the calories will be absorbed by the pores of the skin, so that the effect of hair removal will be the best.

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9., what should I do when doing DIODE LASER HAIR Removal?

The main points of nursing before and after surgery are special attention when laser hair removal.

⑴Safety measures before surgery

Before the operation, we must take the initiative to communicate with the physician to clarify its operating processes, related risks, etc. The necessary blood routine, coagulation function, electrocardiogram and other conventional testing of the opponent’s surgery; women should avoid the history of trauma or surgery during the menstrual period, pregnancy, and breastfeeding period.

⑵Surgical care

Pay attention to local care, diet conditioning, and daily living habits. After hair removal, you can immediately apply ice ice ice for 10-15 minutes to avoid dipping water, rubbing, steamed sauna, etc. within the same day. The place where hair removal should be cleaned and cannot be touched by yourself.

Normally, pay attention to ingested foods with vitamin C, and do not eat greasy and spicy foods. After performing surgery, pay attention to maintaining a good lifestyle to avoid affecting hair removal.

Post time: Dec-02-2022