What is the iconic spots, fast and permanent hair removal technology!

What is the freezing point hair removal

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Fine -point hair removal is a advanced, permanent laser hair removal technology. It is based on the principle of selective light thermal effects. Revolutionary use of freezing points, semiconductor hair removal, laser hair removal equipment, laser penetration of the surface layer, light can be absorbed and transformed into the thermal energy of the hair follicle tissue. , To achieve the purpose of hair removal. It can remove excess hair on a large area, and it can effectively protect the normal skin around the surrounding surroundings, so that beauty seekers can quickly and permanently achieve the purpose of hair removal.

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Step of freezing hair removal

1. Preparation

Medical professional terms are called preparation, which is actually what we usually say. Beauty seekers can clean their bodies before the operation, and use a dedicated leather knife where the hair removal will be exposed to the hair on the skin surface. Doing this has certain benefits, which can help the instrument effectively remove the root of the hair follicles during the operation, and the effect is more lasting and thorough.

2. Gel cooling

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Gel can help the skin to cool down. The skin part of the gel with gel is refreshing and pleasant. If the gel is not applied, the higher temperature during the surgery will make people feel more obvious. Skin areas are weakly discomfort. In addition, light waves and gel interact in the process of surgery, which can make the skin firm and delicate.

After the freezing point is removed, pay attention to the skin not to be exposed to the sun, avoid pigmentation, light diet, do not eat spicy and irritating foods, do not eat foods that are easy to allergic, drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and fruits, keep the skin clean, bathing water temperature should not be too much High, it is not advisable to use whitening products after hair removal.

Post time: Nov-17-2022