What should I do if I have dark spots on my skin after diode laser hair removal?

Diode laser hair removal Avoiding black spots requires proper treatment, including not removing hair in the morning, exfoliating before hair removal, applying a warm compress with a hot towel, using a sharp razor and taking a cold shower immediately after diode laser hair removal.

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Because of the constitution or disease, some people will have more body hair, especially women will affect the beauty because of more body hair, there are now many popular diode laser hair removal methods, such as drug hair removal, laser hair removal, hair removal cream and razor, beeswax hair removal, laser and so on. Sometimes black spots form due to the wrong diode laser hair removal method.

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These black spots may be inverted hairs. The principle is that the aging stratum corneum, which has not been removed after diode laser hair removal, blocks the hair follicles, so the hair cannot grow from the inside out. To avoid this problem, one is not to remove hair in the morning, the second is to exfoliate before hair removal, the third is to use a hot towel to warm compress, the fourth is to use a sharp razor, and the fifth is to take a cold shower immediately after diode laser hair removal, especially the freezing diode laser hair removal is easy to leave dark spots, so diode laser hair removal must take a bath after removal, and the bath also removes sharp dust.

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Post time: Nov-28-2022