What’s the use of beauty? Do you do the “waste of money” thing?

Because there are a lot of negative news about diode laser hair removal and beauty in the market, there is a negative saying: going to diode laser hair removal is to pay “IQ tax”, beauty salons are profiteering institutions, and doing diode laser hair removal is For rich people, the “cost-effectiveness” of diode laser hair removal is not high, and they spend “wrong money”!

Let me talk about the conclusion first: going to a beauty salon is not considered to be an “IQ tax”, and regular diode laser hair removal is not considered a profiteering institution, nor does one have to be rich to go there. Persisting in diode laser hair removal is effective.

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Reasons: 1. Going to a beauty salon is not a rigid consumption. After diode laser hair removal, it will neither fill your stomach nor warm your body, but if someone praises you for getting younger and more beautiful, you will feel better. This is the value of diode laser hair removal, which belongs to the spiritual level. Doing diode laser hair removal is a spiritual pursuit after material satisfaction. It is not necessary for eating or dressing. If you have extra money to pursue the enjoyment of beauty, it is recognized by you, and it is definitely not an “IQ tax”.

2. However, if the beauty parlor advertises that “medicine can cure the disease”, it can quickly cure the “spots, acne, and allergies” on the face. This is obviously an exaggerated propaganda. “A long-term improvement is also needed. Therefore, a beauty salon is at most a preventive institution to prevent you from becoming “uglier”, not a curative institution that can make you “beautiful” immediately. Don’t confuse an ordinary beauty salon with the essence of a medical institution.

3. Ordinary beauty salons actually earn hard money and are not considered “profiteering institutions”. Traditional beauty parlors do facial care, which belongs to the category of life beauty, including cleansing, exfoliating, massage, applying film, hydrating, makeup and so on. They all rely on technology to earn service fees, and this kind of beauty can also be consumed by salaried workers.

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4. But when ordinary beauty salons start to “graft” concepts such as health preservation, tattoos, anti-aging, medical beauty, and health care, it may be the beginning of high consumption. Therefore, if you only go for facial care, you can withstand the “temptation” and stick to long-term skin care. If you have the ability to consume, you can consume other items appropriately after fully understanding whether the beauty salon has the qualifications to promote related items.

5. It may not cost much money to open a beauty salon. Some bosses rely on their own skills to make a living. They rent a shop and set up two beauty beds to open the business. The bosses may have eyebrow tattoos, Chinese medicine massage, and facial care techniques are very good. There are no employees, and they can do it by themselves. Some stores may need several million to be renovated, because it can provide high-end hardware environment, high-tech equipment, good service, and more fashionable beauty information. Therefore, it is up to people to be rich and thrifty, and it is enough to choose according to their own consumption strength.

6. When beauty care rises to the level of spiritual consumption, there is no “top price” price. The price of the same item, or even the same product, may vary several times in different stores because of the different services provided. The essence of beauty parlors is service. Even if they sell products, it is recommended to rely on good service. If it is just to buy skin care products, there is no need to go to a beauty salon. Therefore, service is the foundation of a beauty salon. If a store does not have good technology and a perfect service process, what are you doing just to sell products? Just go straight to the mall.

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To sum it up: saying that beauty treatment is deceiving, it may be because the essence of beauty treatment and the qualifications of various beauty treatment institutions are still unclear. When you understand that beauty is to spend money to buy happiness, enjoyment, and fashion. It has been “ugly” for so long, and it takes time to get back “beautiful”. Beauty is a matter of spending money. Beauty is a Long-term leisure time, you will not be entangled. If you want to change something immediately and become something immediately, it is a matter of going to a plastic surgery institution or a hospital, and it has nothing to do with a beauty salon.

We are disappointed, in fact, because we have too high expectations for beauty salons, we still can’t let go of the nature of diode laser hair removal consumption, and we still can’t understand that diode laser hair removal is the concept of “a thousand dollars is hard to buy and I am happy”. Lower your expectations and compare it with men who usually like to smoke and drink. Besides, long-term smoking and drinking are not good for your health. Long-term beauty has many benefits.

Of course, there are all kinds of beauty institutions in the market, and we may be “sad” by some unscrupulous institutions in line with our “original intentions”. Therefore, starting from one’s own economic strength, one has a pair of discerning eyes to distinguish various beauty places. The pursuit of beauty is a higher pursuit of human beings, and it is always true.


Post time: Nov-16-2022