Why are some human hairs dense and some people are born with body hair?

This actually has a great relationship with heredity. If your parents and elders at home have no body hair, it is affected by genetic factors, and the probability of body hair on your body is relatively low.

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When the parents have a strong axillary or leg hair on the parents, they will also give the child a greater probability that there will be dense body hair.

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Secondly, in different ages, the growth of body hair may also occur. For example, in adolescence, men may be affected by their internal androgens, and they are more prone to dense body hair, beard and nose hair. The growth of these hair is affected by androgen. After the age of 45, the problem of strong body hair may also occur.

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But whether there is body hair or no body hair, it has no great impact on people’s health. On the contrary, if you always choose incorrect Soprano Titanium, such as pulling with tweezers, directly scraping with eyebrows, etc., it may cause irritation to the skin, and may even induce some skin damage, folliculitis, etc. Instead, it is a big threat.

Post time: Jan-11-2023