Why do some women have a strong body hair, but some have few body hairs?


1. Genetic factors are related

The clinical medicine analyzes through multiple data analysis on the body hair attached to the surface of the skin: the probability of 85.6%is closely related to the genetic genetic formation.

If one of the parents in both sides of the parents present in a dense state, the body hair covered by the next generation of boys or girls on the surface of the girls is also presented in a dense phenomenon.

According to the analysis of physiological principles: not only the body hair relies on the genetic genes of both parents, but also has a certain impact on its own appearance and personality. Under the advice of the doctor Too worry.

2. Hormonal levels are related to

Excessive secretion of male hormones directly disordinate the human endocrine balance. In a short period of time, women’s body hair is presented to the development trend, especially for girls with 65.5%of the total endocrine content in the body of the body. In a dense state.

When the male hormone secretion is too much, the changes in the menstrual cycle of the human body are also directly disordered, which can easily lead to abnormal physiological phenomena such as larynxia and the amount of menstrual blood secretion. Under the advice of doctors, it is necessary to stabilize its own estrogen androgen secretion levels by taking drugs.


3. Diet impact

In terms of food nutrition, the probability of 35.5%of the state of female body hair is closely related to the diet. Some women have developed high greasy, high -calorie diet methods in their daily life. The risk of chronic metabolic diseases.

Within a short period of time, its own metabolism speed is presented in the development of decline, which seriously affects the secretion of estrogen secretion in the human body, and has also caused disorders for its own body hair growth.

4. Polycystic ovary syndrome

The physiological phenomenon caused by clinical gynecological disease doctors and experts categorized the physiological phenomenon caused by ovarian dysfunction into a strong body hair. The excessive estrogen secretion in the receptor is affected by the cause of the gross growth process on both sides of the human leg and the perianal area.

The probability of presented in the polycystic syndrome is about 75.9%higher, and the obvious symptoms presented in a short time are the inverse ratio of estrogen secretion. According to the statistical analysis of medical data, 55.6%of women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome diseases 55.6% Probability The development of the body is presented in a dense state.


5. Environmental factors

Direct disorders of the survival factors of the external environment of the human body hair grow.

As a result ,rogen and estrogen presented in the development of 2: 1, the pores are affected by the contraction state and the state of excitement in a short period of time.

Post time: Jan-31-2023