What precautions should be taken after using MNLT-D2 for hair removal?

For the MNLT-D2 hair removal machine, which is popular all over the world, I believe you already know it very well. The appearance of this machine is simple, stylish and grand, and it has three color options: white, black and two-color. The material of the handle is very light, and the handle has a color touch screen, which is very convenient to operate and greatly improves the work efficiency of the beautician. This machine uses a Japanese compressor + large heat sink, which can cool down by 3-4 ℃ in one minute. Three-band 755nm 808nm 1064nm, six-speed cooling, suitable for all skin tones. The handle is black and white, and the spot size is optional: 15*18mm, 15*26mm, 15*36mm, and a 6mm small handle treatment head can be added. Whether the customer wants to have the arms, legs, underarms or lips, fingers, ears, etc., the perfect treatment result can be achieved.
MNLT-D2 can achieve real painless hair removal at freezing point. We use USA laser, which can emit light 200 million times. The setting of the electronic liquid level gauge can automatically alarm and prompt to add water when the water level is low. There are uv ultraviolet disinfection lamps in the water tank, which can deeply sterilize and improve the water quality, thereby prolonging the life of the machine.

MNLT-D2 hair removal machine has been sold well all over the world, and has received good reviews from beauty salons and customers all over the world! Recently, some customers have asked us about the precautions for skin care after hair removal. Skin care after hair removal is also very necessary, so what are the precautions for skin care after using MNLT-D2 for hair removal? Let’s take a look together.
1. Pay attention to sun protection. The skin after hair removal is relatively fragile, and the skin should avoid exposure to the sun. Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun can easily cause secondary damage to the hair follicles, resulting in melanin precipitation. When going out, try to choose physical sun protection, wear sun protection clothing, hold a sun umbrella, etc. Choose sunscreen that is alcohol-free and non-irritating.
2. Avoid touching water. It is not recommended to touch water within 6 hours after hair removal. Bathing, sauna, etc. are not recommended. Therefore, it is recommended to do hair removal after bathing.

hair removal machine
3. After hair removal, keep a light diet, do not eat spicy food, and avoid food that is prone to allergies, such as seafood. Eating more foods rich in vitamin C can improve skin resistance.
4. During hair removal, it is not recommended to use other chemical hair removal methods, otherwise it will easily increase the burden on the skin. The air is dry in autumn and winter, moisturizing after hair removal must be indispensable! It is recommended to choose aloe vera or some non-irritating and fragrance-free moisturizing products.
5. Other precautions. Wear less tight clothes after hair removal to reduce friction and avoid irritation of hair follicles.
Well, I will share with you today about MNLT-D2 and skin care after hair removal. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us for consultation and order!

Post time: Aug-12-2023